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We are located at The Woodshed Gallery, 1243 Pond Street, Franklin MA 02038 
Open by Appointment Wednesdays thru Saturdays. Please call 508-533-6277 or email for an appointment



Request for oil painting repair/restoration/conservation services:

You will receive an emailed estimate of the charges before any work begins.
Best Phone #______________________________________
Email:         ___________________________________________
Brief description of your painting: (size, subject, artist if known)
Please check the appropriate services you would like us to do:
       ___ Take a look at the painting and advise what can be done to repair it.
       ___ Cleaning (includes old varnish removal & new protective varnishing.)
       ___ Relining (to flatten, strengthen and stabilize the painting)
       ___Other: _______________________________________________________________
Please read and sign below:
I understand that professional care will be taken to assure the safety and quality of the work performed
on my behalf, and that in the process of restoring artworks and antiques unforeseen problems may occur. 
I agree to hold the Woodshed Gallery harmless in the case loss or damage.
50% on approval of the estimate, with the balance, plus shipping charges, due on completion.
We accept checks, Visa and Master Card.
Refunds & Guarantee: 
Satisfaction with out work is guaranteed. 
If you are not happy with the results, ship the work back to us and allow us to perform the work again. 
If you are still not satisfied, your payment, less shipping, will be refunded.
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