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Fine Art Appraisal

Appraisal Service
Are you interested in learning the value of your art or how to sell at auction? We offer fine art appraisal and auction services designed to assist you in making decisions to fit your needs.
How to Obtain an Appraisal
A written appraisal is a report giving an opinion of the value of an item at a given point in time. All of our appraisals are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and we charge a fair fee for written appraisal services. The Woodshed Gallery,LLC Appraiser will guide you through the entire written appraisal process, providing an efficient and professional experience.
If you are interested in selling at auction, a written appraisal is not necessary. Verbal estimates of value, called auction evaluations, are provided free of charge.
Fair Market Value Appraisal
You may need a Fair Market Value Appraisal for estate tax purposes, estate planning, equitable distribution, or tax-deductible donations. A Fair Market Value Appraisal from The Woodshed Gallery,LLC is a USPAP compliant document stating our professional opinion of the value of your property. It will reflect the realistic resale value of the property from a willing seller to a willing buyer when both parties understand the current market.
Replacement Value Appraisal
A Replacement Value Appraisal is needed to insure valuable items. This USPAP compliant document estimates the retail replacement value of your property, meaning the amount it would cost to purchase the same or a similar item in the event of a loss, and also contains a detailed description of each item. The description will be important for identification purposes if your property is lost or damaged, and often includes medium or material, size, date of creation, country of origin, and artist or maker.
Written Appraisals Require in-Person Appointments
To provide a written appraisal, an appraiser must view your items in person. We will conduct USPAP compliant appraisal appointments at our gallery in Franklin, Massachusetts. If you have a collection or an estate with many items that need to be appraised, we may schedule an appraisal appointment at your home.
To assess the rarest objects or objects of exceptionally high quality, we will travel worldwide.
Email us or call us at 1-508-533-6277 to discuss items that may be quite rare or valuable.